Coastal Pet Adjustable Check Training Collar with Buckle for Dogs

Coastal Pet Products

  • Provides comfortable, gentle training for dogs.
  • Limited-closure chain loop prevents uncomfortable tightening.
  • Soft nylon material reduces neck hair loss.
  • No-fuss placement and removal with easy-snap buckle.
  • Adjustable design ensures a secure, comfortable fit.


Enhance your dog training experience with the Adjustable Check Training Collar™ with Buckle for Dogs – a gentler and more effective approach to obedience training. This collar cleverly blends a limited-closure chain loop with soft nylon, ensuring that training is both comfortable and humane. The limited-closure chain loop prevents the collar from constricting too tightly, prioritizing your dog's safety and comfort. Additionally, the use of nylon minimizes the loss of neck hair, ensuring your dog's coat remains undisturbed. Versatility is key with the adjustable design, as it allows for a secure and comfortable fit tailored to your dog's unique size and needs. The collar's unique buckle adds a layer of convenience, enabling quick and effortless attachment and removal. With a selection of classic colors to choose from, the Adjustable Check Training Collar™ with Buckle for Dogs is the perfect training aid for those looking to instill good behavior while ensuring their dog's comfort and well-being throughout the process.


Adjustable. Plastic Buckle. Bold, Classic Colors.


Limited-closure training collar for gentle correction.

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